Omori Kaisoten, Ltd was certified as an Authorized Customs Broker (AEO Customs Broker) by Kobe Customs on December 18, 2017.

The Authorized Economic Operator Program(AEO) permits simplified Customs procedures and reduced intervention for businesses that have established freight security management and compliance systems, and aims to secure and facilitate the international flow of goods. In this program, our appropriate managements of both security and compliance systems were authorized by the Ministry of Finance/ Customs authority.

AEO Customs Broker, in case a non-AEO importer delegates its import to an AEO Customs broker, is allowed to release the goods before duty/tax payment declaration. And AEO Customs Broker, in case a non-AEO exporter delegates its export to an AEO Customs broker, under the condition of transport of exporting goods by an AEO Logistic Operator, is allowed to file an export declaration and permitted without placing goods into the Customs area.
In addition, under “The liberalization of Customs offices for import/export declarations” started November 8 2017, AEO Customs Broker can declare them to any Customs offices even where the goods are not placed.

Taking advantages of an AEO Customs Broker, Omori Kaisoten, Ltd will continue to provide the reliable & high-quality services to meet the Customer needs.