Customs clearance and import/export services

Business support by experts with extensive experience and achievements

As a leading company in this industry, Omori has played a key role owing to its long years of experience and achievements and has obtained the trust of customers and authorities concerned.
The staff in each division understand the importance of customs clearance and import/export procedures. They exhibit their extensive experience and knowledge to constructively support customers in solving the various problems that they encounter.

Import/export services

Customers who import or export goods have a variety of requests and demands. Their requests and demands change with time. The first step to achieve the most efficient physical distribution is to respond to such ever-changing customer needs in a timely and speedy manner.
Omori’s staff members are ready to respond quickly to customer needs in the internationalized transport business. These staff members cover all import/export procedures ranging from receiving of freight, various procedures required in bonded areas, preparation of import/export documents, application for marine insurance and sea/land transport.

[Export process]Production/Shipment/Warehousing and processing/Customs clearance/Shipping/Ocean transport

[Import process]Ocean transport/Unloading from ship/Customs clearance/Warehousing and processing/Land transportation/Delivery

Custom clearance service

Omori links its internal information system with the Nippon Automated Cargo Clearance System (NACCS) and uses a double-check system for customs entry sheets in order to efficiently and smoothly carry out the customs clearance procedures of import/export cargo.
After fully understanding the importance of compliance, Omori has already established in-house management rules for customs clearance, various processing manuals and business operation manuals. Omori also provide education and training of registered customs specialists and other related personnel. Owing to these measures, Omori is esteemed as a reliable consultant in customs clearance service. Many firms contact Omori for consultations.

Outsourcing of documentation

When requested, Omori will appropriately prepare various documents that are necessary for import or export of goods.