We, Omori Kaisoten,Ltd. always do our best to maintain trust of our clients toward us by ample experience and up-to-date knowledge.
Since our founding in 1873, Omori Kaisoten has been developing harbor transportation and customs clearance businesses related to international trade for more than 150 years. We have enhanced our intermodal transportation network and have been striving to expand our comprehensive international logistics services under the motto of "faster, safer, and more reliable."

We have also strived to further improve the quality of these services in order to accurately respond to logistics needs that change with the times. Based on the recognition that "continuously improving" the logistics services we provide to our customers is the kind of service that "satisfies our customers", We have acquired ISO9001 (2015 version) certification, which is also a quality management standard. In addition, in order to conduct business activities with an awareness of compliance at all times, we have established a compliance system that allows all employees, including officers, to promote behavior based on social decency.

Thanks to all of you, we have been able to establish a foundation as a comprehensive international logistics company that can meet the diverse needs of our customers. Thank you.

In recent years, the environment surrounding logistics requires the provision of logistics services based on SDGs and ESG, such as carbon neutralization and diversity. At the same time, we will continue to actively work on the SDGs.

The diversification and sophistication of logistics needs are changing day by day. Under these circumstances, it is our mission to realize a comprehensive international logistics service that can respond to the deepening of international and domestic logistics services and the further shortening of the SCM cycle.

Based on our corporate philosophy, "We will contribute to the realization of a fruitful human society as an organizer of comprehensive international logistics based on our wealth of experience and new knowledge." All of our employees will work together as a partner of comprehensive international logistics that can be trusted by our customers.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.