Information system service

Omori develops an information system best suited to each business plan.

At Omori, we have already constructed a system and network that can process information on trade and physical distribution, making it possible to correctly and speedily achieve customs clearance, transport, warehousing, loading/unloading, packaging and distribution processing of cargo.
We have system engineers and programmers who communicate closely with our customers to develop an information system according to their specific needs.

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Basic system

Importing/exporting systems

Omori extracts the information necessary for trade or physical distribution from the documents received from the customer. We link our system to the Nippon Automated Cargo Clearance System (NACCS) to process the information for correct and speedy shipment and delivery of goods.
Omori also exchanges information on the import/export documents with the customer through an EDI system, and exchanges B/L data with our overseas business bases to provide the customer with necessary information as early as possible.

Import/Export goods inventory control system

To efficiently manage the information about the cargo being stored in its distribution centers, Omori has built a computer network that links all servers located in the distribution centers. Omori can prepare stock reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Physical distribution management system

For clothes and other goods that should be managed according to item, Omori manages the detailed information about them to carry out assort, picking and other distribution processing works in a time-efficient manner. Our system responds flexibly to the customer's distribution management need to achieve distribution processing of goods according to the delivery deadlines.
Our system communicates with individual EDI systems to issue shipment orders and chain store slips or transmit the information on shipment.

Miscellaneous expenses management system

As requested by each customer, Omori provides the data on miscellaneous expenses according to the customer's format. We are sure that this service will enhance the efficiency of customer's business transactions especially in cost recording.

Documentation system for consignment manufacturing trades

Omori can prepare the documents necessary for consignment manufacturing trades in China and other countries, as well as the documents required for import/export of commodities to be applied for tax reduction in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Law Concerning Provisional Customs Duty.
Omori's documentation system is also available for stock dealings for which the residual quantity of export materials is managed.

Examples of information system development

Host-to-host communication

Omori's head office uses a general-purpose computer (NEC ACOS) as a host computer. This computer communicates with the host computer of each customer using the JCA/Japan Bank Association protocol when sensing and receiving information that requires a high level of security, such as data on miscellaneous costs, invoices and packing lists.

Digital picking system for general merchandising stores

This system receives shipping instructions for general merchandising stores and issues picking lists for digital picking, and issues chain-store slips and sends data on shipping report as a package.

Import permit information delivery system

Import of foreign-produced products is permitted progressively. Omori delivers import permit information automatically at short intervals to inform you of customs duties and other important information on a timely basis.