Liquor Export Agent services

In response to our customers’ needs, Omori Kaisoten provides liquor export agent services.

Liquor Export Agent services

Service content

Our company has acquired the liquor sales license (Export Alcohol Beverages Wholesale License) allowing us to represent Japanese breweries as an exporter. It makes intermodal transportation to a foreign destination possible from export documentation preparation to customs clearance and local transportation.

Customers’ benefits

  • We can act on behalf of breweries interested in exporting their products but concerned about the export procedures and the transportation to a foreign country.
  • For the foreign buyer, the possibility to cut labor-costs and to gain efficiency by having a single intermediary to several Japanese breweries as exporter.
  • We provide the possibility to save money with our “buyer’s consolidation” thanks to our own bonded warehouses in the Ports of Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.
  • In the Port of Kobe, we own a constant-temperature warehouse offering the capacity to manage products sensitive to temperature changes.
  • To benefit of an intermodal shipment to a foreign country through our overseas subsidiaries and agents.
  • The potential use of our services as a payment agent if needed (under specific conditions).