The logo and symbol mark express the image of Omori's corporate philosophy.
The blue ellipse represents both the earth (international logistics) and the first character of "Omori."
The ellipse is tilted to show uplift and expansion of our business activities.
The color blue represents the sea and our credibility.
The red ellipse expresses the role and domain of Omori's business planet-wide (international logistics). It also expresses affluent human society.
The color red represents enthusiasm, abundance, and human love.
To make Omori's logo more distinctive, the two "O"-letters are tilted at the same angle as the symbol mark.

Corporate philosophy

As an organizer of international logistics, Omori will make full use of its rich experience and advanced ideas to contribute to the realization of affluent human society.

Business attitudes

1 Omori will correctly discern customer needs to continuously develop new distribution systems that will fulfill those needs.
2 Omori will respect the individuality of employees, create a bright and active corporate culture, and strive to realize an affluent and comfortable society.
3 Omori will make efforts to reinforce and develop its management infrastructure, ensure corporate income, and reasonably allocate profits to the shareholders.
4 Omori will set a high value on business ethics, comply with social codes when conducting business, and will contribute to the development of local communities through business activities.

Codes of Conduct

1. Enriching business knowledge With awareness and pride as professionals, we will aggressively acquire business knowledge to enhance ourselves to become the top-class human resources in the industry.
2. Accomplishing business objectivesWith a sense of mission, we will exhibit the fullest abilities to accomplish our business objectives.
3. Enlightening ourselvesWe will make efforts to enlighten ourselves in order to further develop as corporate workers and concurrently as the members of society.
4. Attempting to solve problemsWith a high level of problem-consciousness, we will be active in discovering and resolving any problems that may occur in our workshops, thereby creating a corporate culture that allows a free and open-minded exchange of views.
5. Creating work environment that makes workers feel happy to workWe will follow work rules, respect good manners, and maintain good human relationships at work, thus creating a work environment that will make every worker feel happy to work.
6. Solving problems scientificallyWe will always face matters squarely and fully utilize the most advanced information and technologies when solving problems.
7. Enhancing customer trustWe will respect the relationship of trust with our customers. To enhance their trust, we will conform to their expectations by fulfilling their needs.
8. Building a good corporate imageWith awareness that each of us is responsible for building a good corporate image, we will control our personal behavior.