Protection of personal information

In the knowledge that appropriate use and management of personal information is one of its social responsibilities, Omori Kaisoten, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Omori”) will protect all items of customer information, which we use for our business purposes, using the methods most appropriate for our corporate philosophy and the characters of our business.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Omori will comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal information protection and our internal rules.

Management of personal information

Omori will appropriately manage personal information to protect it from illegal access or theft. Omori will also implement corrective and preventive measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of information resulting from unauthorized taking out of the information.
If a problem arises regarding the protection of personal information, Omori will immediately implement a preventive measure.

Acquisition, use and disclosure of personal information

Before acquiring personal information, Omori will define the purpose of use and obtain the consent of the persons concerned. Omori will use the information only within the limits of achieving the purpose of use. Even if Omori is unavoidable to disclose personal information to third parties, Omori will obtain preliminary consent of the person concerned and disclose the information within the limits of achieving the purpose of use. This policy also applies to corporate information.
However Omori may be forced to disclose personal information to public institutions if they direct us such disclosure according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Personal information protection/management system

Omori has assigned an information manager who is responsible for periodical review and improvement of the in-house personal information protection/management system.